Sochi 2014

In light of the winter Olympics happening on Feb. 6 I have decided to shed some light on Sochi and some of the Olympic events.

Greek Myths 

The “Krasnaya Polyana” (Mountain Cluster) overlooking Sochi will host to the Olympics outdoor events like skiing and snowboarding. These mountains are  where according to Zeus, chained Prometheus as punishment for stealing fire from the gods to give to humankind.

Many Greek mythologists also believe Sochi is where Odysseus encountered the cyclops


The city of Sochi itself is known for its warm climates. Although the mountains surrounding are covered in snow Sochi is known for its subtropical climate and warm beaches. Its beaches were popularized by Stalin who used it as a popular vacation spot.

Conflict Zone

With recent terrorist events happening within Sochi many people are boycotting. It is for this reason that as of January 22 there are 300,000 seats still available for opening ceremonies and other events. However, if its national security that bothers you Sochi planners have made it so that you can arrange to never be alone.

TV Coverage

In the U.S., NBC will be providing more than 1,539 hours worth of coverage of the events. It is about 64 days worth of Winter Olympics, which is a lot of coverage considering the Sochi Games will take place over a 17-day period.



My First Post- Explanation for my website name

As a precursor to the rest of my blog I am going to explain why my website name is faculty ladies, which will hopefully help anyone that reads my blog have a better comprehension of what I post. Originally the name that I wanted was keeponkeepinon. Unfortunately, this name had been taken (curse you owner of keeponkeepinon) so I had to resort to something else. Due to the fact that I already used up my creativity on the last name, I began to just look at objects around me and consider those for names. Low and behold the faculty ladies bathroom sign was outside the door and staring me right in the face- let’s just call it divine inspiration. Thus, faculty ladies was created, but it is not about faculty ladies or bathrooms. It is fun facts about different cultures and countries in the world. Anything from articles to quotes, it will hopefully help expand everyone’s knowledge of the world around us.

Fun Fact #1: Greenland can never join FIFA because not enough grass grows there.