Traveling Virus


In health news, a virus commonly found in Africa is now spreading into the western world. In an article published by the New York Times it describes the spreading Chikungunya fever, a viral disease similar to dengue. The symptoms of this virus vary but often include . Although it has been found in Africa before, problems arise when it begins to move to the west, specifically to popular vacation spots. Although experts say that it will most likely never affect the United States, the virus thrives in countries found is South America, with tropical climates similar to places in Africa. Chikungunya causes high fever, muscle pain and symptoms similar to those caused by dengue fever, which has been in the Caribbean for several years. Because of this health officials are urging that people heading to the tropics wear long sleeves and pants just to be safe. Overall the virus is a prime example of intercontinental travel which although has many benefits maintains some downfall.


Chinese New Year

Happy (late) Chinese New Year! In honor of one of the most popular holidays worldwide I offer some of the basic and in depth facts about the holiday. First of all the animals in the Chinese calendar are the dog, pig, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, and rooster. Also, according to legend, people born in each animal’s year have some of that animal’s personality traits. The rat is quick-witted and persuasive
The Ox is patient and conservative
The Tiger is emotional and intense
The Rabbit is popular and sincere
The Dragon is energetic and charismatic
The Snake is charming and smart
The Horse is energetic and independent
The Sheep is shy and peace-loving
The Monkey is fun and active
The Rooster is hard-working and observant
The Dog is patient and kind
The Pig is loving and tolerant.
Each year corresponds to a different animal this year it is the year of the snake. However most people do not refer to Chinese new year as Chinese new year. Instead it is called the Lunar festival due to the fact that it falls every year on the full moon. Technically the holiday lasts 15 days but it is mainly celebrated throughout china on three days. Family’s gather to share meals and gifts often contained in red envelopes embellished with Chinese couplets. Chinese couplets often tell of the upcoming spring, or of peace and prosperity.