Fun Facts about Peru

Some random but extremely interesting facts about Peru.

1. Peruvians grow over 55 types of corn
2. The potato is originally from Peru
3. In Peru along with corn and potato’s you can also eat cats and Guinea pigs
4. Peru has a lot of shamans like a lot
5. Two thirds of Peru is covered in the Amazon Rain forest
6. Peru had 1625 types of Orchids
7. There are 3 official languages in Peru: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara, but east of the Andes in Amazon Jungle regions it is thought that natives speak a further 13 different languages
8. Peru also produces tons of coffee
9. Peru is home to the highest sand dune in the world. Cerro Blanco located in the Sechura Desert near the Nazca Lines measures 3,860 feet (1,176 meters) from the base to the summit
10. The oldest occupation of man in the America’s is traced back to the sacred City of Caral-Supe a few hours north of the capital Lima. The 626 hectare (1546 acre) site dates back 5000 years


Some random facts

So we live in a super interesting world but there is still so much we don’t know about it even in our own country. This is why I have listed just some random facts about little things that may blow your mind.

1. NASA has a warehouse so big it has its own clouds
2. There are more fake flamingos in this world than real ones
3. A human has more bacteria on their skin then all the people in the world
4. All the humans in the world could fit into one rectangular mile
5. Goats have rectangular pupils
6. The population of Ireland is still 2 million less than it was before the potato famine, 160 years ago
7. You can keep going north and eventually go south but you can never go east and eventually go west
8. Mosquitos have 47 teeth
9. A small percentage of static on televisions is actually radioactive resonance from the big bang 13 billion years ago.



Here is a poll about some random countries, choose which one is your favorite and let me know! All of these countries are super coolio and if your interested in any of them you should really look them up and see what’s cool. For example if you look up Puerto Rico (which I know is not a country but I’m just giving an example) they have something called the vejigantes. They are super scary and people make masks of them. At first I thought they looked like vampire cows and I was like hahaha that’s so funny then I actually looked up legitimate pictures of them and I was like “NIGHTMARES EVERYWHERE”. Apparently people think its super cool to dress up like them. People create super intense costumes with masks and capes and I just keep thinking, too much people to much just stop . Anyways comment with your favorite country! ewwww


Current world news via my perspective

So I am just going to list off some current world news but through my perspective so it may not be completely accurate

1. BOKO HARAM – *** this is important and concerns our nation to a certain extent. In Nigeria there is an Islamic extremist group names the Boko Haram. They are super against Christianity and women’s rights so one day they were like hey lets make a statement. BAM they stole over 200 girls. Recently they sent a video the Nigerian officials saying that they will let some of these girls go if they set all the Boko Haram prisoners free, Overall, its just extremely scary for the girls and the parents.

2. Russia- They have been up to some sneaky business but honestly I don’t really know what there trying to do with that sneaky take over plan all I know is that there are no major improvements to the situation.

3. Venezuela- The government blocks a lot of media coverage of the situation but its super bad. They are currently undergoing a possible leadership change after the death of Hugo Chavez and the failures of his predecessor. In the end everything is super scary in Venezuela.

4. The missing plant- That plane is never going to be found either aliens took it or… wait no there is no other options I’m convinced that aliens took it.


Fun Facts about New Zealand

New Zealand is a pace I have always wanted to go, mainly because it looks so remote and pretty. Anyways, very little is known about New Zealand so now I shall enlighten you with some interesting information about New Zealand.
1. New Zealand has a population of around 4.5 million
2. Houston has a population of about 2.2 million
3. New York has a population of above 8 million people
4. Basically New Zealand is super unpopulated
5. New Zealand plant life is super unique and different because of its isolation
6. Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand
7. Dairy products are their largest export
8. New Zealand is the least corrupt nation in the world
9. There are no land snakes in New Zealand
10. There is a giant carnivores snail that lives in the south island of New Zealand
11. one third of the country is a national park
12. In 1990 the prime minister appointed a national wizard
13. The only native land mammal to New Zealand are bats
Basically New Zealand is a magical place and everyone needs to go there now.


Fun Facts abour Kazakhstan

Now for some facts about a more unknown country Kazakhstan!
1. Kazakhstan is located in central Asia
2. Kazakhstan has two national languages Kazak which 69% of the population speaks and Russian which 98% of the population speaks
3. Only 16 million people live in Kazakhstan even though it is one of the largest nations in Europe
4. Kazakhstan is home to the Baikonur Cosmodome, the world’s largest space launch facility. It is leased by the Russians until 2050.
5. No one really speaks English in Kazakhstan so if you go you need to learn some Russian
6. Most pipes tend to be above ground so that they are easier to fix
7. Supposedly apples originated from Kazakhstan and you can walk in the forest and often find wild apple trees
8. 0.5% of the country is of Korean descent
9. Stalin deported multiple people to Kazakhstan so there are multiple different ethnicities throughout the whole country
10. Women tend to dress super stylish in Kazakhstan and always wear heels


Fun Facts about Spain

Here is the beginning of a short fun fact series about some known and unknown countries. The first one is Spain! One of the most populated countries in Europe
1. Over 98% of the population used to be roman catholic… presently it is around 76%
2. Spain produces 44% of all the earth’s olive oil.
3. There is no tooth fairy in Spain but rather a tooth mouse called Ratoncito Perez
4. Spain is the only country in Europe that produces bananas
5. The Spaniards invented the mop
6. Spain has the lowest population density in western Europe (excluding Scandinavia)
7. The name Spain comes from the word Ispania, which means the land of rabbits.
8. Spain was not part of the first or second world war.
9. They have highest number of bars out of all the countries in the EU..
10. Real Madrid is the most popular soccer club in the world with over 228 million supporters
11. The name Madrid comes from the Arabic “magerit” which means ‘place of many streams’.